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The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University(The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University)

Meyer CBCT provides us with a very accurate three-dimensional image for dental implant surgery. The image is very clear. It is very helpful in the design of implant and the making of the implant guide plate.

R.T.M Dental Hospital(R.T.M Dental Hospital)

Mixed Pulse Radiation Source, low radiation dose, very safe shooting, doctors and patients can rest assured!

SiDe Dental Clinical(SiDe Dental Clinical)

I must give a like on Meyer After-sales service, with which the problems encountered can be well resolved. And there are often free training sessions, which can help us better use the equipment and improve our professional ability.

Anhui Oral Hospital(Anhui Oral Hospital)

The after-sales service is convenient and efficient.

Jianya Dental Clinic(Jianya Dental Clinic)

Our Clinic is the first to buy Meyer CBCT. Their after-sales engineers are very professional and timely.

Chuangmei Dental Clinic(Chuangmei Dental Clinic)

Hospitals and clinics around have chosen Meyer CBCT, and the price is very appropriate. So we also chose the Meyer equipment.

QUNBORN Dental Clinic(QUNBORN Dental Clinic)

The radiation dose of CBCT can be adjusted according to the age and sex of patients, which is very convenient.

Lilac Dental Clinic(Lilac Dental Clinic)

Meyer CBCT is very powerful, especially in Part HD mode, which is very helpful for us to do the root canal therapy. We are very satisfied with Meyer CBCT.

B-Star Dental Clinic(B-Star Dental Clinic)

Meyer CBCT has clear and large view and is trustworthy.

E-Dentist Dental Clinic(E-Dentist Dental Clinic)

Meyer CBCT can clearly show the arrangement of teeth and help us to better carry out orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.
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