More Reliable, More “Smart” Dental CBCT


With AI, More Wise

Meyer AI orthodontic analysis system

Relying on the huge user group of over 5000 Meyer CBCT in China, it helps doctors carry out cephalometric measurement with artificial intelligence, and is committed to further optimizing user experience and improving doctors' work efficiency.


Now, the popular orthodontic tool for dentists is undergoing an all-round upgrading. The operation interface has been renewed. The number ofautomatically identified anatomical point identified has increased from 42 to 47the number of measurement items has increased from 90 to 127; the number of measurement analysis methods has increased from 12 to 15; and the VTO function has been added. The more powerful AI orthodontic analysis system is coming!


New Visions, Smart Medical

Meyer New version of 3D diagnostic software

The application of artificial intelligence technology in modular design has completed the functions of multi plane reconstruction,  panoramic reconstruction, implant mode, TMJ mode, three-dimensional orthodontic mode, etc., which can realize the simulation of implant, automatic neural canal labeling, automatic bone density analysis, automatic positioning of TMJ, automatic synthesis of cephalometric image, airway analysis, etc.


Panoramic Reconstruction


Automatic Bone Density Analysis


Implant Mode


Automatic Positioning of TMJ


Three-dimensional Orthodontic Mode


Airway Analysis

Meyer CBCT adopts AI + tomosynthesis technology to take 18 panoramas at one shoot, in order to identify the most clear part of each panorama, and then reconstruct a high-definition image, which can significantly improve the definition of panorama image and effectively reduce the impact of positioning errors on image.


At the same time, the application of AIEA high-end metal artifact removal technology can not only eliminate the metal artifacts, but also retain the original data, which can show the details of tissues more clearly, and improve the image quality.


Denture artifact(pre-treatment)


Denture artifact(post-treatment)

In the future, we will carry out in-depth R&D of AI + dental imaging technology to build a digital dental platform through artificial intelligence technology.Artificial intelligence technology will be appiled to the preoperative diagnosis and design of implant and orthodontic diagnosis and treatment to help doctors improve their work efficiency and provide doctors with accurate diagnosis and treatment and intelligent management services, which enables grass-roots dental clinic to achieve digital transformation and intelligent upgrading.

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