Talent View

We are proud of the vigorous new generation's
continuous participation, the loyalty and dedication of the senior staff.

No matter in which period of Meyer, what Meyer needs most is talents!

The company firmly believes: the foundation of first-class enterprise is the talents.

The company stick to the business philosophy of "technology, innovation, talents", among which, talents are Meyer’s first concern. We strive to achieve: career retention - to create a good platform and development space for talents ; salary retention - to provide employees with competitive salary and benefits; cultural retention - to create a good cultural atmosphere for employees.

Employing principle: Employee shall have both virtue and ability.

Employing standards: Employee shall be with physical health, mental health, excellent business skills.

We provide employees with perfect salary and welfare:

1.Rapid self-ability improvement.

2.Insurance and Housing Fund, Supplementary Commercial Insurance, health check-up.

3.Vacation, staff travel and other employee health plans;

4.Living allowance: transportation, communications, meals and so on...

Meyer values every employee, no matter he comes from which position.

We are looking forward to more people joining Meyer and realizing their dreams!