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Meyer Supreme CBCT(FOV23*18cm)
HD Image To Extend Vision.

Flat panel detector with wide dynamic range. One time of head scan to produce super-view images

Widely appiled to family dentistry, maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery

Convenient remote diagnosis.
Fast after-sales services.


  • Model SS-X12008DPro-3D
  • FOV 23*18cm(Selectable)
  • Anode Voltage 60-120KV
  • Anode Current 2 - 8mA
  • Focal spot 0.5mm
  • Exposure Time 20s
  • Machine dimension1735*1517*2057mm
  • Weight430kg
Smart CBCT SS-X120080Dpro-3D

Lead Room Sketch Map

High-end configuration to build benchmark


The highest image resolution can reach 0.12 mm, and the accuracy of minor lesions can be improved more than 5 times.

Intelligent Processing Algorithms

It only takes 20S to shoot at a time. quick and safe

Personalization Design

Aesthetic vision.
Simplicity with gentleness
Exquisite craft
Prudent on each material, workmanship and

Bring comfortable, intimate human-machine

New Vision with AI

Powerful 3D Diagnosis And Treatment Software

Easy to manage images Availability of all diagnostic tools

  • Simplified data managing system

    delivers a quick view of complex 3D data

    and higher efficiency of diagnosis

  • DICOM3.0 data format output, comforms to

    international standards

  • Powerful case management system delivers greater ease

    and higher reliability with the whole process from managemt

    plan to postoperative evaluation recorded.

AI Orthodontic Analysis System

6 Advantages

The helper of an orthodontist

  • Intelligent

    A new generation of
    artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Efficient

    One-click to
    generate analysis report

  • Precise

    The highest
    accuracy rate is 99.12%.

  • Flexible

    Arbitrary combination of
    measurement functions 12
    measurement methods free to use

  • Convenient

    Online softeare
    avaliable anytime

  • Stable

    Cloud computing
    and cloud storage


Accurate diagnosis and better treatment on diseases of full dentition and jaw.
Perfect tomographic scan and HD panorama imgae by combined motion of X-Y axis and rotation structure.


Clear 3D anatomical display of maxillofical area, flexible FOV, general appiled in various practice.
Accurate 3D images imaging technology, observation from any angle of view, accurate measurement of distance, surface area, volume and contour outline, One-key Pano to obtain 3D Pano.


The choice of orthodontic treatment and maxillofacial surgery.
Dual-level alignment adjustment system contributes low-dose radiation, sharp-grade and HD cephalometric image.