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Essential for Dentists in Everyday Practice

Meyer panoramic device enables accurate diagnosis of diseases associated with the entire dentition. It provides dentists with high quality scan and high-resolution panoramic images.


Pano and ceph dual-sensor to provide more choices for better diagnosis.

Advanced processing algorithms ensure high image quality and accuracy.

Instant image reconstruction after scanning through the new generation imaging technology

Operate on your fingertip with intuitive operational interface. The neatly designed digital touch pad

accommodates all settings required for operation.

3-point patient positioning for stability and simplicity. The patient is held where necessary to minimize, movement during scanning. It sufficiently supports image capturing process as well as keeping positioning simple and comfortable.


  • Pano

    The HD panoramic image enables great performance in assisting clinical diagnosis of diseases related to the entire dentition,jaw and TMJs.

  • Ceph

    It also allows ceph imaging to meet more clinical needs, including measurement of teeth, identification of maxillofacial fractures and octhodontic planning.

  • CBCT

    Clear 3D anatomical display of mailfacial area, general applied in various dental practice. Accurate 3D images by intelligent imaging technology, observation from any angle of view, accuratemeasurement of distance, surface area, volume and contour outline.

  • Pano

    Optimized tomographic motion and structural rotation, allows for confident diagnosis of both mandible and maxilla areas.

  • Ceph

    Dual-level alignment of a single X-ray source to produce HD cephalometric images with low dose radiation.

  • Partial CT

    Partial CT takes a 5*8 image at a time, and the voxel can reach 40-80μm.It also reduces the DAP by 40%, which leads to lower radiation dose.

  • Model scanning

    Just place the plaster cast or mold in the scanning area to scan. The data will be transferred to the software for subsequent design and clinical application.

Powerful diagnostic software

Versatile and user-friendly diagnostic software The diagnostic software is independently developed by Meyer. The DICOM 3.0 output format aligns with international standards.

Technical specifications