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906 Units of Brand New Meyer Dental CBCT Sold in 5 Days!

At 18:00 on Oct 16, 2022, the brand new Meyer Dental CBCT launch event and Large-scale Group Buying Festival came to a successful end. During the 5-day event period, the group purchase volume hit 906 units. Thank all of you for your trust in our products and the Meyer brand all the time! We appreciate it!

Brand new Meyer dental CBCT, which can take high-definition panoramic, CT, and cephalometric images and has the model scanning function, is suitable for general dental diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, this product is the first engineering dental CBCT in China. Through systematic, modularized, and standardized design, 70% of the components achieve automatic and intelligent production. The whole machine also realizes flexible automatic assembly, greatly enhancing product reliability. Brand new Meyer engineering Dental CBCT can effectively meet the demand of long-time and high-intensity use of treatment institutions. A more detailed introduction is coming soon!

Meyer Dental CBCT, the choice of more than 10,000 dental institutions worldwide.