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Celebrate Meyer's 10th Anniversary Stride Forward Towards a World-Class Brand


10 Years of Market Development

The ten-year development of Meyer Medical has gone through an arduous but wonderful road of market development. In order to manufacture China's own dental CBCT equipment and provide more cost-effective products for dentists around the world, Meyer started the exploration of dental CBCT in 2008. Based on nearly 20 years of accumulation in the field of optoelectronic intelligent identification and overcoming numerous difficulties, Meyer successfully launched China's first dental CBCT in 2012. Afterwards, Meyer continued to innovate and breakthrough, taking the industry development and clinical needs as the guide, and practicing hard to become the safe choice of over 10,000 global dental treatment institutions. In addition to developing the China market, Meyer Medical has been vigorously expanding overseas markets. The company's products have obtained TUV-CE certificate, Australian TGA certificate, and Japanese market access license, etc.. Meyer is committed to building an international first-class high-tech brand, and its products have been exported to Southeast Asia and Europe, continuously reaping the praise of the international community. 


10 Years of Technology Innovation

With the core culture of "integrity, truth-seeking and innovation", Meyer has been making products seriously. 10 years of hard work and continuous innovation, Meyer's CBCT has the strength to compete in the international market.


Hybrid Pulsed X-Ray Technology

Meyer CBCT is equipped with advanced hybrid pulsed X-ray technology, which can realize the fusion of multiple shooting modes and free switching between modes while imaging accurately, thus scientifically adjusting the shooting mode and radiation dose (only one-third of the radiation dose of conventional shooting) according to different body sizes and ages of patients, making the shooting safer. At the same time, the service life of the radiation source is greatly improved, making the use of equipment more stable.


Intelligent Image Processing

Clear images are the basis for accurate diagnosis and treatment. In the continuous upgrade, Meyer dental CBCT breaks through hardware limitations with intelligent technology. Through core technologies such as intelligent panorama, intelligent noise reduction, and intelligent artifact removal, the film-forming rate and imaging quality are greatly improved, fully meeting the needs of doctors for clinical film reading.    


Intelligent Panorama


Intelligent Noise Reduction


Intelligent Artifact Removal

Intelligent Orthodontic Analysis System

Meyer Intelligent Orthodontic Analysis System provides doctors with "intelligent" services, and has introduced functions such as automatic pointing and one-click generation of measurement reports to make head shadow measurement analysis more efficient. In addition, it introduces functions such as automatic fusion of lateral slices, visualization of orthodontic simulation, and simulation of orthodontic post-operative effects, which directly address the pain points of doctor-patient communication.


3D Intelligent Diagnostic Software

The modular design makes the operation simpler and achieves all-round, blind-free clinical coverage. With "3D panoramic view and 3D orientation", the patient area image can be freely observed in 360 degrees, and the position of the obstructed tooth and nerve canal can be accurately determined. In addition, the airway analysis and automatic marking of the nerve canal can be used to achieve accurate preoperative evaluation and ensure surgical safety.


10 Years of Quality Pursuit

Over the past 10 years, Meyer has always adhered to the core value of "customer first, quality foremost", and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products. On the one hand, Meyer has advanced to the "intelligent-producing enterprise", built a comprehensive R&D platform, and continuously increased the investment in technological innovation, engineering innovation and intelligent manufacturing. On the other hand, Meyer have elevated the concept of "standardization and modularization" to the height of the company’s strategy, focusing on key indicators such as performance and reliability, and striving to achieve consistent quality no matter one product or 10,000 products, so as to continuously create value for customers.


Meyer Dental CBCT Wins Gold Award at World Manufacturing Congress 2019

In October 2020, Meyer smart factory was put into operation, and the first Chinese dental CBCT flexible production line was officially run. It is based on AGV unmanned trucks combined with dispatching system to realize unmanned material distribution and flexible automatic production, which is also intelligently linked with aging, debugging and packaging processes for whole process flowing operation to ensure stable performance of the machine.


A successful brand originates from excellent quality. Only by taking quality as the life of the brand can it bring real "assurance" to customers. It is this kind of strict requirements and standards that make Meyer dental CBCT continue to progress and develop, creating ten years of vitality.


Future Prospect

Over the past 10 years, Meyer has been integrating the concept of "green" into every aspect of production and operation, through "green design", "green production" and "green management" to reduce resource consumption and contribute to the sustainable development of the whole society. In the future, the "green" concept will continue to lead Meyer forward.


With ten years of market development, technological innovation and quality pursuit, Meyer has been at the forefront of China's dental CBCT industry, but Meyer does not stop here. Committed to providing better quality and more cost-effective products for doctors worldwide, Meyer will continue to move forward, adhering to the core culture of "integrity, truth-seeking and innovation" and the values of "customer first, quality foremost", Striving to build an international first-class high-tech enterprise with intelligent identification technology as its core!